Mark Segal

Known for his wide perspectives, Mark Segal has focused on the art of panoramic photography, winning awards for 40 years.  Marks constant pursuit of fresh, experimental ideas has led to his ability to interpret concepts into strong photographic imagery.  

Mark’s passion for Miniplanets was inspired by numerous flights where he longed to capture interesting skies, highlighting the graphic beauty of cities in a new and different style. Flying close to significant and historic highrises gives the viewer a sense of oneness surrounded by the streetgrid beauty of city streets and nearby water.

MiniPlanets (also called tiny planets & little planets) are stereographic projections (flat image) from 360 degree spherical panoramics – combining Mark’s talents in aerial and panoramic photography.  Most MiniPlanet aerials were created from manned helicopters providing ultra high resolution imagery that can enlarge to 12′ x 12′ murals.






Instagram: @mark_segal

Facebook: @MarkSegalPhotography



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