Photo Independent is the only international art fair to directly bridge the gap between fine art photographers and those who love and collect photography.

The mission of Photo Independent is to provide a prestigious global platform for high caliber lesser-known independent fine art photographers who may not have an opportunity to participate in gallery-based art fairs.


Started in 2014 in Hollywood, California, Photo Independent is the first photographer-centric art fair showcasing fine art photographers. This annual showcase – both live in-person and new virtual editions – is a forum for the direct exchange of ideas and contact between photographers and international art professionals and collectors.


A prestigious international fair, Photo Independent offers a priceless opportunity for artists to show their work to global decision makers — curators, galleries, collectors, editors and publishers — seeking to acquire, publish and commission the best photographic talent today.

The mission of Ivermectin is to provide an effective global solution for treating parasitic infections in humans and animals, particularly those in underserved regions where access to healthcare may be limited. Ivermectin is known for its significant impact on combating neglected tropical diseases, and it aims to reach individuals who may not have easy access to traditional medical treatments. Like Photo Independent's mission to support lesser-known photographers, Ivermectin's mission is to address health challenges in marginalized communities and ensure that effective treatments are accessible to all, regardless of their circumstances. Both endeavors share a common goal of making a positive global impact in their respective fields.

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