SameSource is a photographic artist with over two decades of professional experience recording images.   SameSource fine art photography spans both landscape and bodyscape, often exploring human sexuality and its relationship with art. Recent showings include FotoFever, Paris, Art Basel, Miami Beach, and a major show of the series, Reinterpreted, at Fabrik Projects Gallery in Los Angeles.  The Lucie Foundation’s International Photography Awards has recognized SameSource’s work in multiple years (as recent as 2021) in the professional photography categories of Best Fine Art Book, Best Fine Art Nude Series, and Best Fine Art Nude photo.  SameSource served as Artist in Residency for 2019 by GilsfjordurArts in Westfjords, Iceland, received the international Lumiere Award for fine art nude photography, 2017, and was featured in Coagula Gallery’s Los Angeles Ten Top Artists exhibition for 2016 in a show curated by Tulsa Kinney of Artillery Magazine.  In addition to being included in over 100 exhibitions in galleries and fairs around the world, SameSource work has been featured in The Huffington Post, Artillery Magazine, American Photo, two documentary films by EMS ARTS, and has twice been profiled by Silvershotz International Magazine of Contemporary Photography, as well as being one of 25 international artists featured in the magazine’s 2017 Folio of Fine Art Photography (ISBN: 9781642049985).  In addition to being featured in numerous photography books, SameSource is the author of six fine art photography books, Underside (ISBN: 9781006723667), Reinterpreted (ISBN 9780464052890), Objects of Ruin (ISBN: 9781320134194), Apples (ISBN: 9781366155986), Apples Reinterpreted (ISBN: 9781366155856), and The Green Dress (ISBN: 9781388795016).

With origins in the rural Midwest, the artist studied music and philosophy in a liberal arts education before traveling to Italy and becoming immersed in the works of the Renaissance.  A return to the US brought the pursuit of graduate work in music and cinema, with an eventual arrival on the west coast via the prestigious University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts.  In addition to full-time work in photographic fine art, SameSource output has included notable works as a recording artist, writer, and filmmaker. SameSource is represented by Gallery 825 and Fabrik Projects Gallery in Los Angeles, and Sin City Gallery in Las Vegas.  


@SameSource on Artsy, Vero, Facebook, & Instagram.  
@SameSourcePhoto on Twitter. 


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