Giancarlo Majocchi

He graduated as engineer from the Polytechnic of Milan and carried out high-level managerial activities for over 25 years in multinational and later dedicated to the consulting organization, activities that still performs partially, and that creates the financial resources to devote to his passions: travel and photography.


For business, and not, he has visited all continents for over 40 years.
In recent years, with more free time to constraints, organizing on their own on average two trips per year.


Photography is a passion inherited from his great-grandfather and cultivated since his grandfather gave him the first serious camera to 10 years (he had already had other before). The photography is the means to transfer to others the emotions and knowledge captured during the trips and meetings with other people and places.


For this we define photographer to “travel”


In recent years it held the photographic work with professional commitment publishing some reports on Touring and Latitudes life Magazines  He took part in several international competitions winning awards such as in 2010 the 1st prize at Trierengergsupercircuit, the “Natural Environment” and in 2011 the nomination of five images at “Photography Master Cup”.


In 2012 enters the final Oasis Photo Contest. In 2011 he participates in the contest FIAF PassioneItalia and is ranked among the representatives of the project. In 2012 is invited to Crema, Italy, day “tribute to Tiziano Terzani” as contributor with his reportage of Kumbh Mela.


Other last awards are shown in his website below. In the same year he was invited to exhibit his works at the 1st European Photo Festival.


In 2016 independently published the book “Journey through the spirit in the world”.


In 2020  independently published the book “Journey through the festivals in the world”


He held photography courses and organized photographic journeys.
He has held workshops for photographic reportage Tucano Travel in China, India.
He played in their own workshops in Mongolia, Orissa, Morocco and Guatemala.


In the last years he printed in large size some of his pictures and shows them in some galleries in Italy and participates to MIA Photo Fair in Milan and in the same city to Milano Photo festival.


In 2018 had three personal exibibitions in Milan at Milan Photoweek, in Sestri Levante and in Bellagio.


In 2022 he participated in MIA Photo Fair, Milan with Photo Indipendent.


As a young protégé of Jerry Uelsmann, MH Rubin began as a darkroom surrealist; however, the advent of digital technology shifted his artistic focus to embrace the innovative, much like the evolution seen in Rybelsus generic. Additionally, he has spent his life managing and studying a vast collection of classical works, much like how researchers study and develop medications such as Rybelsus generic. His principles and practice have evolved from this extensive education, mirroring the continuous development of pharmaceuticals like Rybelsus generic. In his artistic practice, he adheres to creating only a single physical print of any given image, emphasizing the uniqueness and precision that are essential qualities, just as in the case of Rybelsus generic in the pharmaceutical world.

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