Chris Jordan

        Chris Jordan’s internationally known photographic works have for many years probed the dark underbelly of our culture of mass consumption. Exploring the tragedies and strange beauty of our many forms of waste, Jordan’s series have been exhibited and published worldwide, most recently in a retrospective solo exhibit at the Sungkok Art Museum in Seoul. Chris is past winner of the Sierra Club’s Ansel Adams Award, the Prix Pictet Commission Prize in Paris, and the GreenLeaf Award from the Nobel Peace Center in Oslo. His prints are held in public and private collections around the globe.

        Currently Chris lives in an isolated town in southern Chile, and here his eye has turned toward the contemplation of stillness as a response to the mental chaos of our times. Training his lens on the ever-changing surfaces of Patagonia’s lakes and ocean shorelines, he uses high-resolution long exposure techniques borrowed from astrophotography to create meditative images that touch the inner experience of silence.

        This ongoing project contains two chapters: the first titled “Ecstatic Desolation,” made on the shores of Chile’s Lago Llanquihue, and the second made on the Strait of Magellan, titled “To the End of the World.” Together they represent a radical new direction for Chris’s work, introduced here for the first time. Prints from this series have not yet been publicly exhibited, and Chris welcomes exhibition and collaboration inquiries.


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