Victoria Murillo

Artistic and creative, she is passionate about photography, architecture and Being
As a Venezuelan architect and photographer, she has dedicated herself to the photography of architectural works and projects, as well as the creation and management of image banks and photographic archives.
For almost three decades she has carried out the important work of registering the photographic memory of world reknown architectual buildings and monuments, where she combines her specialized architectonic gaze with her artistic sensibility.
In 2017 she presented her first publishing project, the book “Biomuseo | The creation of an icon”, which includes her work of more than ten years in capturing the photographic records of the construction of Frank Gehry first Latin America architectural project, and resulted in the creation of the digital archive of the museum, which is one of the most important scientific and cultural projects in Panama’s recent history.
Her images were winners in the 2022 Architectural Photography Competition A Biennial Program Celebrating the Built Environment through the Art of Photography in 2 categories: Interior and Audience Choice Winner.
In 2023, she was nominated  by Fine Art Photography Awards to participate with her work in their Abstracy  professional category.
Her photographic work was included in the book “Frank Gehry The Masterpieces”, and had also been published in international media such as The New York Times, Blue Print, Design Boom, BBC, People, Vogue, Domus, among others.




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