M.H. Rubin (2)

After 30 years of developing his photographic haiku practice, MH Rubin’s photos of his female friends are the principal departure he makes from that discipline. The moments are fully improvisational, but they are not “natural” scenes, consequently, they are excluded from belonging to photographic haiku. Still, like haiku, they embrace many of the aesthetic properties of simplicity, a bit of mystery, and wabi sabi


In haiku there is always the quest to see how much can be done with very little. Similarly these sessions are explorations in subtraction and simplicity—how minimal can an image be and still convey its intimacy?


Over the past decade a hundred friends (and their friends) volunteered, many returning multiple times. Each wanted to explore some aspect of her femininity and sexuality. While some got in touch with their innate exhibitionism, most pushed through paralyzing fears of being seen and judged. Engineers, lawyers, moms, artists, doctors, educators, and entrepreneurs, all collaborated in this exploration. Images are anonymous by request, largely to avoid the consequences of being photographed nude. Each has been created with similar forced constraints—nominal props, no cropping, and the existing light in his studio apartment.


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