Chi Haibo Presented by Yiwei Gallery

Plants have been sparking inspiration in our lives since ancient times. Shijing, “Classic of Poetry”, is the oldest authenticated anthology of poems in China spanning from the 11th to 7th centuries B.C. The poems reference more than a hundred kinds of plants and were chanted and sung both in humble fields and imperial courts. 


In keeping with the tradition of Shijing, the artist Chi Haibo utilizes photography as his way of paying tribute to and celebrating plant life.This series takes inspiration specifically from two sections of the Shijing, the “Feng” and the “Ya” which symbolize atmosphere and elegance, respectively. His artistic objective is to capture plants’ genuine state at one moment in time and reflect his own interpretation of pictorial aesthetics free from the bounds of traditional photography rules. The series of works can be experienced as a whole, and yet each photo can also stand on its own. 


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